• Kristen Aguilar

3 Study Tips That Kept Me From Failing

In light of all the due dates and upcoming exams this semester, I have 3 more easy-to-do study tips to keep you CRUSHING IT in college.

These tips have helped me get through some really tough semesters and I will be the first to throw up my hands and admit that if I had applied myself to these a whole lot sooner I would have stressed less, smiled more and saved myself a significant amount of trial and error.

Still, they did keep me from failing.

Fair warning: For those who claim a little OCD, I’m going in descending order with odd numbers this time. Call it creativity if you wish.

Feel free to use these tips to help amp up the success of your next study session.

Set up a reward system.

Before you say something like “I could never do that…”

Remember: yes, you can.

This reward system doesn’t have to be complicated or super extreme.

It just needs to work.

For example, if you study for an hour straight (no distractions, no social media, no phone use, no binge watching anything) then you can reward yourself with a 15 minute break.

If an hour seems too tough at first, build up your study endurance through shorter study intervals and shorter breaks.

Reward your efforts through mini-breaks where you can do whatever you want.

You can also use food rewards (in moderation).

For example, if I put my favorite snack right next to my water while I study and tell myself I don’t get a bite until after I reach a study goal (study for a hour undistracted for example or until after I finish an assignment) then I’m working with a short term (food) and long term goal (success) in mind.

This subtle motivation helps when the study session or study topic seems particularly blasé or meh.

This study tip requires practice to develop consistently but once you do, you can make life a little sweeter with each step toward your goals.

Skip the junk food.

This one may seem counter-intuitive to the previous study tip but the key to making both of them work for you is in the word: moderation.

Your tongue may hate you for a few days and your sweet tooth may protest but opt for the healthy stuff instead.

The green stuff.

The vegetable stuff.

The stuff your momma tried to made you eat when you were a kid but you didn’t want to eat it kind of stuff.

I’m serious.

Junk food contributes to that Freshman 15 (extra pounds of fluffiness) and no one wants to add to their waistline by fluffing up during sedentary study sessions.

Junk food can set into motion eating habits you aren’t too proud of.

It may seem like a good idea in the moment but when Spring and Summer are in full bloom the wedding and swimsuit seasons will tell on you.

Skip it altogether and opt for the healthier food options whenever possible.

Want to boost brain function?

Go for the grapes (the real fruit, not the grape flavored soda). Dr. Axe wrote about the brain boosting function of grapes here if you are interested.

Want to fight extra fluff and boost your heart health?

Health Coach Jillian Levy recommends the shallots.

Had you told me a couple years back that I would be excited to eat shallots I would have looked at you like you had lost your ever loving mind.

But now I can’t tell if I’m more excited to cook them or to eat them.

I get this goofy grin on my face and everything.

The kind of grin I used to get with those oh-so-delicious cookie dough bites.

Who knew?

It’s not like they taste more amazing than cookie dough bites either.

(They don’t.)

But I have learned if they are sautéed in olive oil for about a minute or two until they are nice and translucent you can pretty much add them to any recipe you can effectively hide them in.

And *poof*

You've made a step in the healthy food direction.

(I don’t recommend eating them raw on their own though. Please do not bite into a shallot like it’s an apple. Your smile will flip over.)

Shallots don’t have to taste bad, they don’t have to ruin an epic meal and they can be secretly added to recipes without a lot of fallout from family or friends.

Unless someone who eats your food is allergic (like legit allergic reaction to) shallots…

Then never ever cook it for them.

You can read more on shallot awesomeness here if you are interested.

Now you might be thinking:

“Are you serious? Takeout is so much better than a plate full of vegetables.”

Only on the outside.

Part of adulting is knowing when to consume food that you know is healthy for you rather than the food that merely looks and tastes good.

Start now, instead of waiting until you are old and grey.

Your insides will thank you (now and later) for all the good health foods you send their way.

Never talk bad about the school, the instructor or bae.

Pretty much eradicate all trash talking, complaints and verbal frustrations from these three from your vocabulary.

Forever and ever, amen.

No one wants to hear you complain about the school’s catered food contractor every single time they see you coming.

They don’t need to hear why the sun didn’t shine over the quad or how unhappy you are with your college’s accommodations.

The course instructor is not the villain in your story.

(If they are, then rewrite your story.)

They are a human worth booking a phone, virtual or even face-to-face appointment to discuss your concerns.

Trash talking them based on personal experience or (worse) based on the experience of other people you have met makes you look bad.

Really bad.

At the very least it makes you look like an unkind human.

And an unsuspecting bae should not get thrown under the bus for any reason.

That’s just uncool on so many levels.

Socially, you will look a cut above the rest if you never talk bad about the school, instructors or bae.


Not behind their back or to their face.

*Bonus Tip*

If you take face-to-face classes, sit next to someone serious about their grades.

Don’t sit next to the guy napping in his chair.

Or the girl doodling her crush’s name on her paper.

Refuse to worry about the person scrolling through their social media feed as they hide their phone under the table.

There’s a big chance your professor sees it too and considers it disrespectful.

Instead, sit next to someone serious about their grades.

Get around people who make you better.

They will push past the drama, the laziness and distractions to get to the most out of their education.

And who knows, their diligence, work ethic and study smarts may just rub off on you too.

Picture how successful, how incredible, how epic you will look when you associate with those already pursuing success instead of those who complain, procrastinate, stay lazy and who look for the easy way out every time.

Some people find it intimidating to hang around people who are smart, strong, super pretty, or who look like they CRUSH IT better in some area of life than they do.

But in reality, getting around these people can make you better.

Sit next to the person serious about their grades, associate with the person working towards their goals and refuse to be quick to hang out with complainers and serial procrastinators.

Success breeds success.

Smart people run with smart people after college.

Why not hang out with them now before they get there?

Happy studying!

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