• Kristen Aguilar

Best Smoothies for (Dorm) Life

I recently visited a smoothie shop in town for the first time...and was incredibly disappointed.

After 5 dollars and some change later, I was looking for the nearest trash can.


Smoothies can be great for early morning college classes or a commute to work and they don’t have to taste bad.

One of the best ways I have found to keep a healthy, stable energy is by substituting a morning caffeine fix for a tasty fruit blend.

Here is one of my favorites.

It is quick and easy, and once you get in the groove, you can churn these healthy little babies out like a boss.

(Wait, that didn’t sound…)

I am leaving a list here that is kosher for college students in dorms or small living spaces but if you’ve graduated to your own place, these smoothie ingredients can work fabulous there too.

What you need:

A fridge or access to working fridge space

A blender

A sink to clean up in afterwards

A recyclable or reusable (sturdy) drinking cup (with a lid preferred)

A trip to the grocery store

A budget of 20-30 dollars (preferred)

No allergy to fruit, yogurt or dairy

Optional: Ice cubes, orange or apple juice

A commitment to making healthy habits

Step 1: Grab the fruit on sale (that doesn’t look like it is rotting.)

Look for a decent size bucket of yogurt.

I would recommend the 2 pound bucket with a lid, not the little cups with fruit already in it.

Bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or grapes work great for this.

(I tend to favor mixing 1-2 kinds of fruit per smoothie but you can go fruit wild if you wish).

Keep in mind, the more flexibility you have with your budget the more variety of fruit or size of yogurt you can purchase.

If you play your cards right, think 3-4 smoothies for the price of 1 someone else made.

Not bad for a snack or breakfast meal.

Step 2: Depending on your blender size and hunger needs, drop a decent amount of fruit in the blender.

Add two tablespoons of yogurt.

(I recommend the organic, lowfat vanilla kind for a creamy, stable taste boost but you can go with whatever works for you.)

Rough estimate from experience: at a rate of two conservative spoonfuls, a 2lb tub of yogurt can last you at least 6-7 smoothies a week for about 2 weeks…depending upon if the yogurt stash is raided for a homemade parfait or some other recipe in the meantime.

[Life hack: If you freeze fruit before it has time to go bad, you can make your fruit stash last longer. Just ensure you have sharp blender blades if you do.]

Step 3: Add 2-3 ice cubes (optional) and some juice (optional) and blend to puree.

Serve immediately.

Bonus tip: If you are super health conscience you can also add protein, granola, oats, kale or other health options to taste before you blend. Customize at will.)

Step 4: Clean up after yourself.

Seriously, don’t leave dishes in the sink.

They get crusty and send Morse code to bugs (ones that have GIANT brothers and sisters).

Clean up after yourself and keep your blender ready for the next smoothie craving.

Step 5: Repeat the process.

Yes, this process does take some pre-planning but you look like a boss walking in to class or your job with your smoothie in hand while others wait for their caffeine to kick in.

Using these 5 steps, I made the same kind of smoothie I purchased from the smoothie shop for a fraction of what it cost me to buy it on the fly.

And it tasted awesome.

Like smoothies?

Feel free to share your favorite ingredients below.

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