• Kristen Aguilar

Life Hacks (That Work) At Every Age

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Life hacks that actually work can become like umbrellas in the pouring rain. Sure, not 100% foolproof but they keep you relatively presentable in most cases.

In honor of all things the day-to-day can bring, I have 2 quick life hacks to help keep you CRUSHING IT in college and in life.

I use these hacks on a regular basis and I can say this: they work.

And they can be used at every age.

If you don’t get the hang of these hacks right off the bat, keep after it.

After all, no one expects you to win a race right out of the starting gate if you don’t practice for it first.

Increase your water intake.

In a previous post, we discussed the value of hydration and the importance of kidney stone prevention here so I’m not going to go into all the ways hydration aids your health again.

I will admit that there have been times when I’ve not been the best at a consistent, healthy water intake.

I have been guilty of running on just a shallow glass of water once or twice in a day, even on days with back-to-back college classes, with public speaking or other events that required me to be on my feet talking for hours at a time.

There’s this fabulous thing that happens when you fill your body with water:

Nature calls.

When you work, whether it is standing in front of an audience or sitting at a desk or working out in a spacious place…

When you know you are going to need to be calm and on track for an extended set of time, the last thing you want to do is drink a ton of water right beforehand.

It’s like sending nature’s call a DM when you know for sure that you don’t really want to have a conversation.

All joking aside, one must be careful here.

If you plan to be incredibly sedentary for the next few days or you plan to increase your salt intake during the same time frame (we are talking copious amounts here) depending on your body type, your body may choose to get fluffy [retain water].

(Consult a physician before increasing your consumption of anything to an extreme level.)

Increasing your water intake in the day promotes overall health and wellness.

I know the water doesn't look as fabulous next to the cup of coffee or fruit smoothie but drink it.

Your health and wellness will thank you.

Keep your vibe drama free.

A vibe can be defined as “a distinctive or emotional quality or atmosphere that is sensed or experienced by someone” or “a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively”.

You have a vibe you carry with you wherever you go and if that vibe is riddled with negative things, if that vibe is full of dysfunction and anger or anxiety or fear or bitterness or even something as simple as disrespect then your vibe is not as drama free as it could be.

When you are young and living at home the overall vibe can be greatly influenced by parents, siblings or extended family.

When you are out on your own, you call the shots for your own life vibe.

And when you do life with someone else (like in marriage) you run shotgun as a co-vibe contributor.

Either way, as much as it depends on you, keep your vibe – your atmosphere, your attitude, your ambition - drama free.

This is done intentionally and on purpose.

You can start refining your vibe by making choices that you can live with now and 20 years from now.

You can also watch how you treat friends and family, what you do and don’t do on the job, your values, and how you set and achieve your goals.

When your vibe is drama free it doesn’t mean life is always easy.

However, it does mean you intentionally choose peace instead of caving in to any drama in spite of the storms.

If they are acting crazy, that doesn’t mean you have to.



You sleep a whole lot better at night when peace reigns.

You breathe a whole lot better with peace.

Your overall quality of life just gets better with it too.

As much as it depends on you, keep your vibe drama free.

Save your energy for the other challenges of life as they come.

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